Planning for the New Year

January is a reflective time of year for most families. When we look back at last year, are we satisfied with our accomplishments? What do we hope for in the new year?

Some of our hopes often seem to be unattainable. Do we all dream of winning the lottery and retiring to live in the sunshine – or is that just me?

How can we make our hopes become a reality? Often the first step is to talk about them. It helps to write them down and break things into smaller, manageable pieces. My family used to sit and talk about our hopes for the year ahead and my daughter would “take the minutes”. She felt very important, and we got to talk as a family about some of the bigger issues that don’t often come up in our day to day lives. My daughter still loves to write and use calendars to plan!

One January we made plans for special family activities that we wanted to do over the year. As we talked it was surprising to find that we each had different ideas of what was special. My husband was focused on a one week driving vacation; I thought it would be fun to learn something like snowshoeing, as a family; and my daughter just thought it would be fun to go sledding together more often. With this in mind, we planned times to do all of it and we each got our special time.

Do you plan together as a family? How has it gone? Were you surprised by the richness of ideas that came forward and the fun you had, not only while you did the activities but also the planning?

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