So What is Rhymes that Bind?


So what is Rhymes that Bind? It is a fun program for families that promotes language development—the foundation for literacy—through rhymes, songs, and stories.

The program runs once a week for ten weeks. We play, have fun, and sing with our infants and toddlers, helping our them to develop strong language skills. A snack is given half way through the hour-long program, and the program is free!

To maximize your Rhymes that Bind experience, be prepared to :

  • Be adventurous and willing to try a boisterous experience with your child or children, interacting and engaging with them through our repertoire of tickle, bouncy, action songs and lullabies.
  • Practice your social skills by connecting with other moms, dads, or caregivers who can commiserate with you about the challenges and wonders of parenting. New friendships are made here.
  • Sit in a yoga pose or other comfortable position on a blanket of your choice on the floor. Being at eye level with your child gives you a whole new perspective on how they engage with you.
  • Learn a new songs that your child will have you sing over and over again until you are completely and utterly ready to give up singing for life!
  • Anticipate that a toddler, besides your own, may come and plop themselves into your lap. This can happen soon after they have become comfortable. Seeing and hearing you develop a relationship with their parent makes you a safe and secure place to be.
  • Bring along your “parenting toolbox” of ideas. Add to it new tools for connecting and transitioning, and fun routines through songs and play. Build confidence in your parenting as you share your tips/tools with others.
  • Connect with your community and discover what else might be happening in and around your neighborhood. Seeing other families you recognize in the community builds friendships. Why not plan a play date at the park?
  • Discover a program near you; the program is delivered in many communities across Edmonton. Most families can attend with a short drive, bus ride, or even a walk. Pick a day of the week and a location that works for your schedule.
  • Have an outing—get out of the house.
  • Have FUN! Plain and simple. Come out and see for yourself!

Rhymes that Bind fall schedule begins Monday, October 3, 2016. All of our programs are drop-in except for our multi-generational program (held at Touchmark at Wedgewood,  1833 Lessard Road). This program requires preregistration.

For more information or to register, please call 780 421-7324 ext. 235, email, or check the Centre for Family Literacy website:


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