Family Storytelling

In family literacy, we often talk about the importance of oral storytelling. One way to support this is to encourage parents to tell children the story of their birth. This not only encourages their language development, but also creates the bond that comes from sharing experiences and memories together. It can quickly become a family tradition with children asking, “Mommy, please tell me about when I was born again.”

As a twist on this, I called my mother today to wish her a Happy 71st Birthday and realized that I had heard stories about her childhood before but never the story of when she was born.  So I asked her and we spent the next hour sharing this and many other stories about her time growing up.  This rich history and memory sharing is so valuable to all of our families.

Have you talked to your mother about the story of her birth?  I encourage you to do so.  We made many memories today during our sharing!

Family Day Challenge

February 18 is Family Day! Family Day is a day that, although I’m feeling a little redundant in saying it, is devoted to being with family. It’s also a great reason to have a holiday in February since the groundhog doesn’t really justify one.

This Family Day, my family is participating in a challenge that is becoming more popular every year.  It’s called Family Day Unplugged. The challenge is to go without using your technology for a full day in order to devote all of your attention to your family.

Can it be done?  I personally believe it can, and probably should be done on a more regular basis. My family is planning on doing some snowshoeing or skating or bowling together – something we never seem to have the time to do, and I’m really looking forward to it!

Are you going to take the challenge?  Can you unplug for a whole day?  If so, what does your family plan on doing?

Whatever Family Day looks like to you, I hope you are able to enjoy it with your family in a way that suits you. If you would like more information on Family Day Unplugged, here is Edmonton’s website for the event: